We help you protect yourself from links that damage your reputation

LinKiller is the App that allows you to report, delete and independently control your online reputation, to defend yourself from negative links, videos and unwelcome images on the net

Defend yourself on Google

If there are newspaper articles online about legal proceedings or media cases against you, negative links, defamatory news or other mentions that harm your image and personal reputation, you can rely on Linkiller: we work to eliminate or de-index the unwelcome content by applying the regulations on the right to be forgotten
Difenditi sui social media​

Defend yourself on social media

If someone has created fake profiles in your name, spread incorrect information about you, published outdated images that must no longer circulate, but also in cases of false information and blackmail attempts, you can use Linkiller to solve the problem quickly and confidentially

Eliminate your photos and videos

A widespread, but contrasting problem is the spread of photos or videos about you that can undermine your personal or work reputation. Or the problem of the so-called Revenge Porn, blackmail of a sexual nature made with images and videos. With our App you can request the deletion and independently monitor the progress of the process
Elimina le tue foto e video

Frequently Asked Questions

Linkiller is used to remove content that damages your reputation from the web. This content comes in many forms, but it is generally links that contain negative news which is no longer pertinent or out of date. For example, a long-standing judicial matter, the news of which remains online long after its resolution. But unwanted photos, videos uploaded in the past and no longer wanted on the web, defamatory content can also be deleted.

The App is available for digital download on both the App Store and the Play Store, depending on the Smartphone device you use. The download of the App is completely free, the use of its services is instead subject to the acceptance of a quote.

The link removal process is automated. However, as the subject matter is sensitive, it is necessary to carry out a feasibility analysis before working on a certain link. Linkiller sends a quote with the amount to be paid only in case of removal or de-indexation. If you accept the quote, the App starts the removal process.

A removed link disappears from the web forever. A de-indexed link stays online but is no longer displayed by search engines like Google. This means that without the exact address of that link (the long url…), it is not possible to find that content on the web. For Linkiller a link is considered resolved in both situations.

If Linkiller fails to complete the removal or de-indexing, no amount is due. If a deposit was requested, it is returned. The terms of service are set out in the Contract.

Once the reported link(s) have been removed or de-indexed, it is possible to pay by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal account.



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