We help you eliminate links that are harmful to your brand

The best way to manage your company’s reputation, thanks to Linkiller and the support of lawyers, communication experts, consultants and IT experts.

Manage mentions, reviews and negative content online

For companies that have online reviews, newspaper articles, customer and consumer comments and other mentions that affect the reputation of their brand, products and services. We take care of analysing and, if there are legal prerequisites, eliminating or de- indexing unwelcome content, while monitoring the company’s brand reputation
Gestisci menzioni, recensioni e contenuti negativi online

A dedicated team

Our team of legal consultants and IT experts receive and analyse each elimination request to decide the best intervention strategy, responding within a maximum of 48H with the most suitable strategy

Technology at your fingertips

Linkiller is a service that is based on a proprietary technology that can be used independently from both the App and desktop, and shared with the whole team in your company. You can monitor the progress and receive notifications about the removal of harmful links for your brand’s reputation

Frequently Asked Questions

Linkiller is used to remove content that damages your reputation from the web. This content comes in many forms, but it is generally links that contain negative news which is no longer pertinent or out of date. For example, a long-standing judicial matter, the news of which remains online long after its resolution. But unwanted photos, videos uploaded in the past and no longer wanted on the web, defamatory content can also be deleted.

A removed link disappears from the web forever. A de-indexed link stays online but is no longer displayed by search engines like Google. This means that without the exact address of that link (the long url…), it is not possible to find that content on the web. For Linkiller a link is considered resolved in both situations.

The App is available for mobile devices such as smartphones. Whereas the Desktop App works on PC and Mac. Once you have obtained your login credentials by registering on Linkiller, you can use both versions interchangeably.
Online reviews are hard to eliminate as this undermines the value of the internet’s free rating system. However, reviews that are clearly defamatory or the result of a coordinated attack can be managed. Submit the link to get our evaluation.
LinKiller allows you to speak with a team of IT experts specialized in reputational engineering, as well as with lawyers specialized in web and brand reputation. From the “Contact” section of the Software, you can send requests and doubts directly to the team that follows you.
Yes, the data sent by users is kept in accordance with European law (GDPR). Read our Privacy Policy for more information.