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Linkiller is used to remove reputation-damaging content from the web. This content may come in many forms, but is generally links that contain negative news which is out of date, or no longer relevant. For example, a long-standing judicial issue, the news of which remains online long after its resolution. You may also delete photos or videos uploaded in the past which are no longer wanted on the web, defamatory content.
The App is available for digital download both on the App Store and on Play Store, depending on the Smartphone device you use. The App is completely free to download, and its services are subject to the acceptance of a quote.
The App is available for mobile devices such as smartphones. The Web App works from PCs and Macs. Once you sign up to Linkiller, you can use both versions with your login credentials.


The link removal process is automated, but since it is a delicate matter, it is necessary to carry out a feasibility analysis before working on a particular link. Linkiller sends a quote with the amount to be paid only in case of removal or de-indexing. If you accept the quote, the App will begin the removal process.
Once the reported link(s) has been removed or de-indexed, you can pay by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal account.
If Linkiller fails to complete the removal or de-indexing, there will be no charge. In the event a down payment has been requested, it will be returned. The terms of service are indicated in the Contract.

Removed Links

A removed link disappears from the web forever. A De-indexed link remains online but is no longer displayed by search engines like Google. This means that without the exact address of that link (the long url…), it is not possible to find that content on the web. For Linkiller a link is considered solved in both situations.
Newspaper articles, blogs, photos, videos, fake social media profiles, defamatory comments, trademark abuse. Each reported link is first analyzed, and a feasibility analysis is carried out. If a link cannot be removed, we will let you know immediately. Occasionally, we can make an attempt even if we cannot guarantee success. In that case no payment is required.
Online reviews are difficult to eliminate, as this invalidates the value of the free internet rating system. However, blatantly defamatory reviews, or the result of a coordinated attack can be dealt with. Send the link to get our evaluation.


LinKiller allows you to talk to a team of computer experts specialized in reputational engineering, as well as with lawyers specialized in web and brand reputation. From the "Contacts" section of the App you can send any requests or concerns directly to the team dealing with your situation.
Linkiller and Linkmonitor are a product of Tutela Digitale, an Italian company specializing in the removal of reputation damaging content from the web. For more information:
Yes, the data sent by the users are kept according to the European laws (GDPR). Read our Privacy Policy for more information.